IBS Helpdesk will help you manage your customer support easily and directly from your odoo system, integrating seamlessly with its existing resources, such as contacts, employees, orders, etc.


IBS Helpdesk, comes in 3 versions, when you install them, you can:


  • Set up 1 support email to create tickets automatically.
  • Categorize your tickets
  • Manage agents and their access rights.
  • Setup response deadlines
  • Send an automatic response when your customer sends you an email
  • Available in English, French, Spanish and German


  • Create tickets automatically from incoming emails
  • Manage multiple support emails and categories
  • Manage multiple automatic responses, per email and category.
  • Manage an internal Knowledge Base that can be used by your agents to resolve issues
  • Manage predefined responses, to speed up your support process
  • Transfer tickets between agents in case you have multi level support
  • Send Automatic notifications to your agents when tickets are overdue
  • Attach files to your support responses
  • Assign tickets automatically to agents, depending on their availability and workload
  • Detect the customer automatically upon the receipt of a new ticket
  • Set up a signature for each agent
  • Get an overview of your current tickets through the Tray icon
  • Detailed reporting to evaluate your team's performance


  • Have access to a dashboard that shows you new incoming tickets as well as open tickets
  • Add internal notes to your tickets
  • Access your customer's tickets directly from their profiles
  • Have more advanced reporting
  • Add Cc and Bcc emails when tou're sending responses
  • Send new ticket notifications to your agents automatically.
  • Get desktop notifications when receiving new tickets
  • Setup a global Bcc to receive all incoming tickets which is helpful for monitoring
  • Provide justifications when resolving, transfering or reopning tickets
  • Link tickets to project tasks
  • Link tickets with products
  • Link tickets with sales and purchase orders
  • Manage multiple signatures for each agent
  • Add emails to a blacklist, to fight spam and undesired incoming emails
  • Print specific responses to a PDF file.
  • Merge multiple tickets into a single one.

Extra Features & Support

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