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IBS Print Server allows you to send your printed reports directly to your printers, saving you time and giving you flexibility.



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Print Server

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When you install IBS Print Server, you can:

  • Manage your organization's print servers
  • Define your default print server per user
  • Send print jobs to your colleague's or other shared print servers.
  • Specify the number of copies you want to print
  • Use Automatic Mode: Which prints automatically and directly to your default print server
  • Use Manual Mode: Choose your printing options from the Print Wizard every time you want to print any document in any odoo module
  • Generate a PDF using odoo's default report printer
  • Print odoo document from mobile devices
  • Detect the availability of your organization's print servers.


IBS Print Server works exclusively with the stand alone print server, that you can install on your computers, this software is:

  • Available for Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Starts automatically when your operating system launches
  • Available in your operating system Tray 
  • Configurable, which allows you to configure options such as which local printer will be used by the server
  • Processes received print jobs automatically.



  • Make sure the standalone print server is allowed through your computer's firewall.


Extra Features & Support

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